Full Stack Developer - ASP.NET C# x 3

Microsoft Stack Developer

Ref: 526Monday 28 September 2020

Reporting to the Managing Director of this new technology startup will be an amazing experience. This individual has already grown and sold a very successful, multi million pound technology business and is now embarking on a new exciting journey to take a revolutionary and improved technology platform out to market. As a techie hands of Developer himself you will be mentored and supported by the very very best and the next few years are going to be seriously exciting!

Working within Education technology, this cloud based SAAS technology platform is revolutionising technology within schools in the UK and the USA and now has over 1300 schools on board and things are growing very quickly.

Role: To work on a cloud based solution developed to provide remote access to computers and other devices within a large academic / school computer network, other features exist including the ability to gather and analyse and report on large amounts of data. A really revolutionary advancement within school and academic networks.

So what’s it all about?

  • C#/ VB.Net ,Mobile/ Web Developer (Experince in developing Android, IOS and Apple Mac is preferable)
  • C# (preferable) or VB/ ASP.Net Application Developer needed with reasonable understanding of Asynchronous Task programming
  • Developer will create plugins to our core engine, with an unlimited tech stack to choose from
  • Current and future tech includes: Websockets, WebRTC, RESTful API connection, Windows API Hooking, Microsoft Windows Filtering Protocol, DirectX Programming, Active Directory and Azure AD integration, SQLite interaction, the list goes on (it’s a very comprehensive solution that involves many different technologies – devs can pick one or more of these to be involved with)
  • Opportunity to develop with Xamarin c# to create iOS, Android and Apple Mac versions of our solutions

What are we looking for?

We are looking for someone who gets excited about making a difference by building a product that will revolutionise teaching and learning. We want to find someone who is interested in product development, not just the code! Our ideal candidate will have at least 2 years software development experience using some, not necessarily all the technologies listed above!

This organisation is a Microsoft Startup company, sponsored by Microsoft themselves and so have access to all the latest and non-released technologies. More than 1300 schools across the globe have implemented this technology in the last 12 months, which is a staggering amount of growth.

Developers have the opportunity and flexibility to take on a project that interests them and think outside the box with it, bringing into the business a wealth of new and fresh ideas. We are still early stage, despite the rapid growth and anyone coming in at this stage would need to understand the flexible, unstructured yet fun environment we work in. Everyone's full of energy and excitement and the company has the attention of some multi-billion dollar companies because we are taking their customers, such as LogMeIn, Teamviewer and various other large MSP style product